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Pixel Cartoon, as a fast developing company in the animation, visual effects, computer graphics and information technology world is always interested in knowing new motivated people, able to widen their perspectives and competences in this field.
Our work center is Trento, where (if needed) we review your works and portfolios.

Basic Rules
Prepare a professional portfolio, with a video showreel containing your most recent and best 3D cgi works, animation and compositing together with a resume. Send it only via email. Please attach only small files and CV, for videos and big pictures us online links (vimeo or youtube). Please do not appear for an interview without appointment or without our specific request. Besides we ask you to not pretend any reply after your submissions.
We view all the resumes and showreels we receive but we do not reply to all of them, only to the ones that follow the requested qualifications of the open position.
If any position is available, both as an external collaborator and emplyment, this will be listed in this page. In that case we will reply to showreels and resumes that correspond to that qualification. Otherwise we will keep your data in archive for future developments.

At the moment we do not have any open position.
Please refer to this page for future developments.